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Keep in mind that this is a discussion board. Posts that are off-topic, better suited as e-mail back to the original posting member, or one-line zingers (member harassment) will be removed.

HARASSMENT: We welcome individuals of all different backgrounds, orientations, and views, so this is our most important rule: Healthy debate and the exchange of ideas are encouraged; threats, abuse, hate-speech, personal attacks, and harassment will not be tolerated.     

VULGARITY AND MASKED VULGARITY: Many members find certain words make them uncomfortable. We ask you to refrain from using vulgar language on our boards. Masked Vulgarity is using offensive words and trying to "mask" them with other symbols or letters, so the word isn't spelled out. Posts of this nature will be removed.

BOARD DISRUPTION: We want you to enjoy the topics you came to discuss on the boards. Any postings that might interfere with the flow of discussion (e.g. off-topic posts, clutter posts, etc.), will be removed without notice at the board admins' discretion.

UNACCEPTABLE DISCUSSION: We don't allow any personal attacks, explicit or implied, on our boards. We reserve the right to remove posts that we believe are offensive or aimed at belittling an individual.

CLASSIFIED, COMMERCIAL, OR SOLICITING POSTS: Posts soliciting or advertising events, items or businesses, commercial web sites, buy/sell items, etc., are allowed only on the Pen Market (Green) Board. Exceptions may be made for special causes or Pentrace sponsors. All SPAM will be removed.

SINGLE POSTS ONLY: In order to avoid the appearance of SPAM, please do not post the same message more than once per board and make sure it's relevant to the board and/or folder you post it in. If you post the same message in more than one folder on a board, or more than once in the same folder, the board admins will leave one copy of the message in the most appropriate folder and delete the rest without notice.

POSTING PERSONAL INFORMATION: Addresses, phone numbers (fax, pager, etc.), and other private information don't belong on the boards. Use a Private Message to communicate personal information.

KEEP THINGS POSITIVE. Even if you've decided you don't like someone, at least respect their opinion. And if you don't share an interest in a topic or you think it's lame, don't post there. Your comments about not liking the topic will be removed.

We will do our best to judge posts on their own merits and in context, however, we do reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. If you have any questions concerning your use of the boards, please refer to our Terms of Service, which you agreed upon during your registration.


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